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Hi PLOW from xXDANEYXx Empty Hi PLOW from xXDANEYXx

Post by xXDANEYXx on Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:04 am

Hi guys i Bumped into Tubbi and Butcher last night in a lobby and had some great racing so i thought i would drop in and say hi.
Name: Matt
Age:31 going on 90 lol!
Live: Sittingbourne Kent.
Job: Printer
Intrests: Forza of course.Plus i like the odd round of golf.

Well there is abit about me.As for My forza life i started playing Forza about 4-6months once number 2 was launched and i have loved it.Ive been with a couple of garages such as Spot Performance,NKD/Looney tunes and quantum ink.Ive manily been a tuner but since the turn of this year i have put down the spanners and picked up the paint brushes.Used to be a member of V12 then left to help start up pHR, unfortunatly the team all went there seperate ways.Anyway that's me as you can tell ive turned my hands to most things. Smile
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Hi PLOW from xXDANEYXx Empty Re: Hi PLOW from xXDANEYXx

Post by PLOW tubbi on Fri May 06, 2011 2:30 pm

welcome to the site, if you need anything in particular just give us a nod.

If you need a damned good door to door race then come see us on line.

Cheers Tubbs
PLOW tubbi
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